PAUL FROST - Furniture

footprint efficient furniturE - transformer furniture &

multi-function Furniture


Transformer furniture     -    FlipTop. Dining chairs & coffee tables that turn into relaxing lounge & arm chairs & sofas.

Closed bureau     -    A small footprint bureau that maximises the floorspace it uses with height & gives a larger than expected desktop space.

Open bureau     -    Following the same principal of having a small footprint, but with a large desktop & storage area. No doors to keep thing simple.

My designs for this range of footprint efficient furniture, whether they are multifunction or transformer styles have come out of a need.

I wanted to find & buy furniture that fulfilled a purpose. Not to take up too much space, as my living space was & still mostly is, very limited & it had to fulfill my needs.

A desk that is comfortable to work at & with enough capacity for files storage & standard computer accessories such as home office printers, hard drives. This became the open bureau, which has developed into a closed bureau for open plan tidiness. Which has in turn been developed & made again into a slanted front version.

A piece of furniture that i could use to sit at the desk, at a standard seating height, but also could have a double purpose, to become a more relaxing chair when not working at the desk / bureau.  This became FlipTop.

I’m interested in developing these ranges into simple to construct modular pieces.

With new housing now being built to the

Sofa bed     -     The two differences with this early design of my sofabed is that this bed has a full has a full depth mattress & is also a full single width