Been So Long

Tinge Krishnan

Film 4  /  BFI  /   Greenacre Films

Nadine Marsh Edwards,   Amanda Jenks

Julian Nagel



Prod. Co.


Art Director


Romance, rage, revenge and rare groove.

Been So Long’ is a neon soaked, colourful multicultural contemporary musical set in Camden Town, London.

It's a story of unrequited love, set against the backdrop of a changing local neighbourhood. It centres around the few remaining 20’s something customers of a fading bar that’s being put out of business by a new and fashionable aspiring bar chain.

It’s a fresh take on love, life and moving on. In a world full of choices, it's hard to admit that it might be you that's the problem.

‘Been So Long’ is a feature film developed by Greenacre Films from the theatre musical, backed by the BFI & Film 4

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